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Summer Taylor – Lead Dog/Creative Director

You could say her business has gone to the dogs and she wouldn’t be insulted. That’s because Summer Taylor’s dogs are her inspiration and the face of her company, Good Dog/Bad Dog Creative Design.

When Taylor decided to start her own business in 2004, she knew that completing any design job would be a walk in the park compared to dealing with Marshall’s antics. Marshall, a Lab/Boxer mix, is the “Bad Dog” whose idea of being creative is figuring out the next best way to ruin Taylor’s furniture.

Marshall is the antithesis of German Shepherd Raley, Taylor’s “Good Dog.” Raley’s creativity is highlighted daily as she finds new ways to remain calm while surrounded by chaos (usually created by Marshall). She is the company’s source of peace and tranquility.

Though Marshall and Raley know her as their creative canine controller, everyone else knows Summer as their great graphics guru. As head of GDBD Creative Design, Summer designs web sites, brochures, business cards, logos, presentations, display graphics, invitations, newsletters and a variety of other marketing pieces.

Her design skills were mastered during years of experience in the dog-eat-dog corporate world. That’s where she fetched numerous accolades for working well under pressure and being inventive in the confines of a tight budget. Now, to stay ahead of the ever-growing pack of graphic designers that are on her tail, Summer continues her studies into the trends and technology of both graphic and web design.

By unleashing creative design on small businesses and large corporations, Summer Taylor is breeding great success at GDBD Creative Design.

Who knew working like a dog could be so much fun?

Summer Taylor
Lead Dog

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