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Stefanie Pilcher - Designer

Did someone say octopus?

Graphic designer Stefanie Pilcher is obsessed with these intelligent and adaptive creatures. (She was) Entranced enough to get a large tattoo (the tentacles extend from her waist to a few inches above her knee) of one of these problem solvers on her leg. But her tattoos say more about her passion for art than her passion for cephalopods. This same passion drove her to graduate with High Honors from USF St. Petersburg’s Graphic Design Bachelor of Arts Program.

While school taught her the skills she needed to survive in the business she quickly learned that school is nothing like the “real world” of design.  After interning in a corporate environment, Stefanie decided she wanted a more hands on approach to compliment her schooling knowledge. The unique personal relationship GDBD Creative Design creates with their clients is what drew Stefanie to the company. She strongly believes that good communication is essential to the success of a design and that with it, excellence, beauty and functionality can be achieved.

Summer Taylor, owner of GDBD, has taken this young designer under her wing and shown her the ropes. With Summer’s experience in the industry and Stefanie’s fresh eye on the scene, the pair prove to be a creative force to be reckoned with.

The two bond not only over their shared love of design but also the love of their furry friends. Stefanie’s Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Louie, often teaches her pertinent life lessons. Patience and the ability to think outside of the box are two of the most prominent, with healthy curiosity a close third. Most importantly he reminds her to see and marvel at the beauty in her everyday surroundings.

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Stefanie Pilcher

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