Typography makes a great holiday gift

Are you looking for unique solution for your holiday gifts this year? Look no further! Susan, founder of Bevilled Edge Photography, takes photographs of everyday objects and structures that create shapes that resemble letters of the alphabet. She has put together a vast library of these photographed lettered and these images are available to view [...]

Local Business ArtPool Inspires Creatives

Far from boring, ArtPool is a local gallery, vintage boutique and themed event holder. Looking for that perfect custom accessory to add to your collection, a gift for someone who has everything or just a little inspiration? Head down to ArtPool and be ready to be amazed. The walls of the shop are available for [...]

How to have fun poolside

What do you get when you mix a a few friends, a pool and the need to do something unique/different and productive this summer? Well you start a website called LeisureDive.com of course! What exactly is a leisure dive? According to the site it’s “a jump into a body of water (or at least something soft), striking [...]

Celebrating with some spice!

I am proud to say today marks the official one year anniversary that I joined the Good Dog / Bad Dog Design Team! In my own way of celebrating I wanted to share this video. It combines a few of my favorite things: handwritten typography, time lapse video and the musical talents of a great [...]

Today Only Vote for the Big Cat Rescue through Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good

“Toyota wants to salute do-gooders by giving 100 cars over 100 days to organizations that could really use a new set of wheels. And voters like you decide who gets a new ride every day.” Today you could help out the kitties at the Big Cat Rescue! Voting takes place through Toyota USA’s Facebook page, [...]

Sew Much Fun

P.Nosa is the artist featured in this video. He developed a portable sewing machine table powered by a solar panel (or a bicycle electric generator which makes for great sewing on the go). These free-hand embroidered designs closely reflect P.Nosa’s drawing style and if you look through some of his work you can almost see [...]

Underwater Sculpture Makes Fasinating Artificial Reef

Jason deCaires Taylor creates artificial reefs by sinking cement sculptures in the ocean. This unique artist merged his love of the sea and his passion for art in a public display like no other has before. He “created the world’s first underwater sculpture park in Grenada, West Indies”. His work hasn’t stopped there, he has [...]

Practically Pikasso

Located near downtown St. Petersburg, Practically Pikasso is an “eclectic art studio specializing in paint-your-own pottery, wheel-thrown pottery, fusible glass [and] custom hand-crafted gifts.” The studio is filled with bold colors. Various shapes and sizes of bisque (or unglazed pottery) line the shelves surrounding the studio walls. There are plenty of seats to accommodate the [...]

Reasons Not to Date a Graphic Designer

I recently stumbled across a silly but oh-so-true article titled, “50 Reasons Not to Date a Graphic Designer” by a bourbon for silvia. The poster is a rbst remix. While I do not think that all 50 reasons pertain to me or any one designer I know, Silvia definitely hit some right on the nail. [...]

April 20, 2011 – Honest Logos

The world would be such a different place if company logos were more honest. Here is a flickr image set with a real sense of humor about well known corporate identities. These logos incorporate some clever word play such as McDiabetes instead of McDonald’s and Absolut Vomit instead of Absolut Vodka. While these logo examples [...]