Stock Photography Discount

Here at GDBD we have recently started using to find and purchase stock photography. BigStock allows you to purchase images at a set price as opposed to other popular stock photography sites that require you to purchase standard amounts of credits which in turn are used to purchase images. BigStock is offering a promotional [...]

Typography makes a great holiday gift

Are you looking for unique solution for your holiday gifts this year? Look no further! Susan, founder of Bevilled Edge Photography, takes photographs of everyday objects and structures that create shapes that resemble letters of the alphabet. She has put together a vast library of these photographed lettered and these images are available to view [...]

Dive into Splash Page Motion Graphics

We recently featured local gallery and vintage boutique, ArtPool, in the GBDB Design blog. This got me thinking about an old school assignment. I was assigned a group project that involved re-designing the website of a local business and my group of 3 students chose to redesign the ArtPool website. We chose their website because we saw an opportunity [...]

Featured Client: KOAL Industrial Filter, Inc.

KOAL Industrial Filter, Inc. incorporated in 2009 and in the beginning, their business was strictly on-site preventative maintenance servicing for heavy equipment in the construction, waste management and mining industries. In 2010, they started to become aware of issues their clients were facing when they tried to purchase filters for equipment, which lead to a [...]

How to make your sketches digital art

Wacom has done it again. The Inkling, set for release in Mid-September, is a new product that “bridges the gap between traditional, freehand sketching and digital development.” How does it do this you ask? Well, the Inkling is a digital sketch pen. It has the look and feel of a normal ball point pen but [...]

AfterEffects Animations and Motion Graphics

While I was in college studying graphic design, I was assigned the task of re-creating a tv show title sequence. Everyone in the class had to choose from 20 popular shows from the 60′s – 70′s era – many of which I had never seen. The title sequence had to be a contemporary interpretation of [...]

How typography influences you

Have you ever been fascinated by a street sign or a city map? Once I became a graphic designer I became so much more aware of all the typography around me. Type is one of the major visual entities that bombard us day by day. So much of it is ignored or once glanced at [...]

How to custom design a Facebook page

Unless you have been living under a rock it has probably occurred to you that many businesses have a profile on Facebook. You also may have asked yourself, “Why?” Facebook is a universal social network and it is where YOUR customers are. This social media outlet is a great way to ENGAGE with your customers. [...]