Basic Elements of Design Applied to Web

Are your website designs feeling a little lack luster lately? Want to re-vamp your design style? Take a moment to go back to the basics and you may find yourself surprised at what you will learn. 1. Emphasis Emphasis is the importance attached to something. In websites, emphasis translates to hierarchy. To develop strong hierarchy [...]

Stock Photography Discount

Here at GDBD we have recently started using to find and purchase stock photography. BigStock allows you to purchase images at a set price as opposed to other popular stock photography sites that require you to purchase standard amounts of credits which in turn are used to purchase images. BigStock is offering a promotional [...]

Dive into Splash Page Motion Graphics

We recently featured local gallery and vintage boutique, ArtPool, in the GBDB Design blog. This got me thinking about an old school assignment. I was assigned a group project that involved re-designing the website of a local business and my group of 3 students chose to redesign the ArtPool website. We chose their website because we saw an opportunity [...]

4 Useful WordPress Plugins

Here at GDBD, we have been getting lots of requests lately for custom WordPress websites. WordPress is a content management system that makes website content easily accessible for the everyday user. For this reason, many businesses are opting for WordPress instead of traditional HTML websites.  With WordPress, you do not need HTML/CSS knowledge to make basic changes [...]

Website 101 Tips: How to Pick a Hosting Company

Now that you’ve picked your domain name, the second step before starting the design of your website is to sign up for website SEO Sydney hosting. What is website hosting? If a domain is your website’s “physical address”, website hosting is the online office space that you’ll rent to store your website files. Website hosts offer [...]

Website 101 Tips: How to purchase a domain name

Lately we’ve been working with quite a few businesses who are interested in creating their first website. This can be a rather intimidating and confusing process if you’re not used to some of the terms and lingo being thrown around. Don’t know what a dreamhost promo code for a website hosting means? How does everything [...]

How typography influences you

Have you ever been fascinated by a street sign or a city map? Once I became a graphic designer I became so much more aware of all the typography around me. Type is one of the major visual entities that bombard us day by day. So much of it is ignored or once glanced at [...]

How to custom design a Facebook page

Unless you have been living under a rock it has probably occurred to you that many businesses have a profile on Facebook. You also may have asked yourself, “Why?” Facebook is a universal social network and it is where YOUR customers are. This social media outlet is a great way to ENGAGE with your customers. [...]

Featured Client: Nancy Howe, knowhowe

 knowhowe is a full-service writing firm that provides their clients with writing and editing services for blogs, press releases, e-books, websites, and much more! With over 35 years of publishing experience, 22 years of which was spent at the Maddux Business Report, Nancy recently decided to branch out on her own. Wanting to establish a [...]