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Businesses beware – on March 30th, 2012 Facebook is automatically converting all pages to the new Timeline layout. However, the new Facebook Timeline isn’t such a bad thing for businesses. Facebook has three main purposes for the new layout: “Express, Reach, Respond”. Express your branding/identity with your cover photo, reach your audience on web or mobile, and respond to people quickly and more personally.

The new layout of Facebook pages caters to these 3 points. New features, like “pinning posts” allow you to mark specific posts as more important by “pinning” them to the top of your page (posts will remain there for the following 7 days, just click the “pencil” icon to pin your posts). Another way to mark certain posts as more important than others or drawing more attention to them, you can now “enlarge” stories to span the width of your timeline page. Posts taking up more space are visually more demanding, driving users to look at and engage with those posts. Simply click the “star” icon to enlarge your story. You can also hide or delete posts as you see fit.

Underneath your cover and profile photos are a list of squares that house “photos”, “# of likes” and apps. The “photos” square will always remain first but you have the freedom to re-arrange the remaining items as you like. If your business page previously had a custom designed welcome page, it will now be located in one of these square links. The only change now is that is seems to allow even more space! Plus, once a user has clicked on one of the square items a drop down menu appears at the top of the page making it much more user friendly to navigate to your additional apps and landing pages.

Another great feature of the new pages are the interaction between friends and the brands. From the business’s front page you can view a list of your friends that have “Liked” that page. You can also see any posts your friends have made about that company as well as other people who are talking about the company. The “activity of the month” section also shows who’s talking about the brand as well as the number of new likes in the given month.

The “About” section offers a more detailed approach to informing users about your company. In the about side you can enter in information such as your Mission Statement, Company Overview, description and general information including some free business ideas presented by Sukanto Tanoto. To the right side of “About” is your “Basic Info”. Basic info displays your founded date, product lists and contact info.

The Admin Panel puts all your tools in one place. From one page view the recent activity on your page, get tips, and respond to messages. That’s right, with Timeline users can now send private messages to businesses! Also, look into “insights” and calculate when people are engaging with your page, this can let you know the best time of day to post so your business can get more out of it!

Ultimately the new Facebook Timeline’s intentions are to engage fans with fresh content and make emotional connections between fans and brands through stories. Still confused? Click here to learn more about how to use the new Facebook Timeline pages.

Be careful when considering setting up your new Timeline business page for getting more pay for twitter followers because there are some restrictions. For example, cover photos (which introduce your company to the user) have a list of limitations on what cannot be used in a cover photo. Contact GDBD Design for custom Facebook Timeline set up without having to worry about the rules – we will take care of them for you!

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