How to custom design a Facebook page

Good Dog Bad Dog Design FacebookUnless you have been living under a rock it has probably occurred to you that many businesses have a profile on Facebook. You also may have asked yourself, “Why?”

Facebook is a universal social network and it is where YOUR customers are. This social media outlet is a great way to ENGAGE with your customers. It is also a great place for your customers to spread the word about you to their friends.

So how can you maximize your business presence on this common social network? Customize your Facebook page and establish your brand.

Facebook includes many customizable features that allow you to establish company branding. Your profile picture is the “face” of your page, it is what people will see the most. Choose a profile picture that is appropriate but intriguing. Make your customers curious – make them WANT to click on your page to learn more about you.

When they do click on your page, direct them to a branded welcome page on Facebook. A welcome page starts as a blank canvas, an opportunity for you to paint the perfect picture of your brand. With a welcome page the possibilities are almost endless – integrate your company website with hyperlinks, promote your monthly e-newsletter with a sign-up box or your blog with a subscription button. Call attention to an event or cause you support, offer coupons or discounts when someone “Likes” you, or even hold a contest – giveaways and gifts are a great incentive to build your fanbase on Facebook.

Now to sweeten the pot, you can have not just one welcome page but as many as you want! Dedicate specific information to individual pages and contribute to the organization and hierarchy of your data. Whether you use one welcome page or multiple pages, update your content, graphic design and promotions occasionally to keep things fresh.

Aside from the aesthetics, this social network platform allows you to interact with your customers. On your info page describe your company and how it will benefit your customer. Post blogs and other updates to your feed. Comments allow customers to voice their opinion, it may not always be positive but when it is negative you have the option to comment back. Defend your company and set things right with your disgruntled customer, your response and how you handle the situation could have an even bigger impact than the positive comments themselves.You can read on PopUSocial more info on facebook.

Contact GDBD Design to get started on the development of your custom Facebook page design today!

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