January 6, 2011 – Mr.Brainwash

Mr.Brainwash Tire Elephants

While in Miami, I kept passing a building surrounded by life size cutouts of the Storm Trooper characters from “Star Wars”, I had to see what it was all about. Inside was an array of pop culture and graffiti style art, along with a few animals made from tires – a kangaroo, elephants (featured above) and even Mickey Mouse! It was the a visual manifestation of Mr.Brainwash, at the time an unknown entity to me. A few weeks later I stumbled upon a movie, “Exit through the Gift Shop”, it featured well known street artists Banksy and Shepard Fairy. Surprisingly, the movie was actually all about this Mr.Brainwash fellow! I recommend you check him out at this interactive site.

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  • austin funk says:

    Mr.brainwash is a fraud who duped the art world into believing he has talent. if you watched the film you would realize that he is a fake artist making money off of stupid people. I mean, anybody can copy banksy and fairey. and honestly mr brainwash or whatever, is prolly not even real, and something that banksy created.

  • Stefanie says:

    While many might agree with the fact that Mr.Brainwash is a “fraud”, I posted this photo because out of the 9 galleries I visited at Art Basel Miami Beach 2010 – the Mr.Brainwash’s “Under Construction” show was the most FUN! He uses recognizable figures from pop culture as his subject, throws a little bit of paint splatter on it and calls it a day. I am not saying this is “right” or “wrong” but it is recognized as ART. You must admit the movie “Exit through the Gift Shop” did paint Mr.Brainwash in a negative view. And I agree that the film left me with mixed feelings about him as a “graffiti artist”, however I do feel like he could be considered a pop artist because of his subject matter. Look at other pop artists, like Andy Warhol for example. He made money and became famous for screen printing a Campbell’s Soup can label, among other commodities and celebrities, is his art really so different from that of Mr.Brainwash?

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