Local Business ArtPool Inspires Creatives

Far from boring, ArtPool is a local gallery, vintage boutique and themed event holder. Looking for that perfect custom accessory to add to your collection, a gift for someone who has everything or just a little inspiration? Head down to ArtPool and be ready to be amazed.

The walls of the shop are available for local artists to rent and 100% of sales go to the artist (meaning ArtPoo application serverl does not take any percentage of the sale, artists are only required to pay for the space to display the artwork). The results equal an eclectic variety of shapes, sizes, color, subject matter, frames, artists and prices. It is a great opportunity for local artists, young and old, to get their name and work out there and maybe even start a following and a career. The walls are lined with paintings, digital and photographic prints, woodcarvings and more. On the shelves, or sometimes projecting from the walls, sculptures can be found. In fact, the art for sale spans the entire craft realm, a multitude of jewelry is dispersed throughout the long narrow shop. The majority of which is made by the owner of ArtPool herself, Marina Williams. Summer and I have both marveled at her creations. Jewelry here comes in a variety of mediums. Feathers, fringe, knitwear, and bullets are not rare occurrences at ArtPool.

Jewelry from ArtPool Octopus Necklace Feather Earrings

Vintage Clothing at ArtPoolJewelry is the gateway to other accessories, all vintage at that. Hair pieces, cufflinks, purses, mens neck ties, hats and don’t even get me started on shoes. Accessories are just the tip of the iceberg of items at this unique store. Lunch Boxes, vinyl records, kitchenware and the coolest lamps and hanging light fixtures you could imagine. The vintage clothing has just as much variety as the artwork and is just as much fun to look at! I have seen wedding dresses, faux fur coats, men’s dress shirts and have even tried on a smoking jacket similar to Hugh Hefner’s!

Vinyl Records from ArtPool

Events at ArtPool always have a unique theme and dress code. Most recently, ArtPool held Bowie Fest where attendees were asked to dawn apparel reflective of the pop artist Davied Bowie or any other 80′s icons with special prizes for best Bowie and biggest hair! Local artists are encouraged to submit themed artwork for all events (Artwork may or may not be marked for sale at owner’s digression. There is an artwork entry fee.) Volunteers and models are also requested for events.

All in all, ArtPool is a fun and interesting place. Get out and support our local businesses! Go prepared to find something you like and bring cash or check! (ATM available a block away)
Hope this post by Rob Simpson will help you to learn more about marketing.

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