March 8, 2011 – International vs American Signage

no left turn

This is a photo comparison of Street Signs. The photo on the left I took while visiting George Town, in the Cayman Islands. The one on the right is from Google search, but represents the typical American street sign for “No Left Turn”. I found the sign in George Town strange upon first glance – I had no idea their street signs were different from ours! Honestly, though to me it looks like a sign for “No Boomerangs”.

No Smoking

The photo on the left I took in at the Panama Canal, in Colon, Panama. The one on the right is again a Google photo representing the typical American “No Smoking” sign. While I have seen many “No Smoking” signs in America that have a slight variation in the depiction of the smoke, in terms of shape, I had never seen a sign that depicted a cigarette in an artistic way as opposed to an iconic way (as in America).

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  • Adam Novak says:

    Interesting observation Stefanie! If America adopted the circular shape of the “no left turn” sign it would save $$ and natural resources by using less metal. I assume it would also stand up better to high winds?? Hmmmmmm . . . .

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