Practically Pikasso

Located near downtown St. Petersburg, Practically Pikasso is an “eclectic art studio specializing in paint-your-own pottery, wheel-thrown pottery, fusible glass [and] custom hand-crafted gifts.” The studio is filled with bold colors. Various shapes and sizes of bisque (or unglazed pottery) line the shelves surrounding the studio walls. There are plenty of seats to accommodate the day’s painters. It is a great place to hold an event such as a birthday party or baby shower.

My first visit to Practically Pikasso was also my first bisque painting experience. It was a great way to unleash some creativity while also catching up with some old friends. You start by picking out a piece of bisque. They have so much to choose from: martini and margarita glasses, goblets, coffee mugs, travel cups, plates, bowls, pet food bowls, plaques, and various figurines such as cupcakes, piggy banks, people, a monkey, a dragon and many more! Then you get to pick out 6 colors of paint, there is even a wall of tiles to show what all the colors will look like once they have been glazed. And keep in mind, if you go with a group of people you can share colors as well. Thinking of everything, Practically Pikasso also has a “wall of inspiration” that includes books, stencils, sponges and other items to help get those creative juices flowing. If that isn’t enough to get you kick started just wander around the room and soak in the art! There are many completed bisque pieces displayed throughout the space.

I chose to paint an owl figurine. Initially, the paint looks much lighter than the final product, only having painted with acrylics before – it made for an interesting painting experience. Below is a “before and after” photo of my owl bisque. Note the color difference! A week after you paint your bisque, you can pick up the glazed piece. Its a nice surprise to the difference in color! I cannot wait to go back and share this experience with others.

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  • Jenni says:

    Love those places! We had one in Gainesville in college that was fun to go for girl’s days out, and I went a couple years back to one in Oldsmar…made myself a “Perceptivity Studio branded” coffee cup that’s still my favorite to use! :)

  • Oh that’s a great idea Jenni! Maybe Stefanie and I should do a GDBD day out and make us some as well :)

  • Thanks so much for visiting! Your owl turned out great! We would love to have you and your friends join us again!

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