Interview with a Typographer

While I attended school for Graphic Design I met quite a few unique characters with an array of design talents. Milton Rosado’s skills with typography always dazzled me. I was blown away to find out that not only did Milton draw his own letter forms but he vectored them to make them into digital fonts! [...]

Practically Pikasso

Located near downtown St. Petersburg, Practically Pikasso is an “eclectic art studio specializing in paint-your-own pottery, wheel-thrown pottery, fusible glass [and] custom hand-crafted gifts.” The studio is filled with bold colors. Various shapes and sizes of bisque (or unglazed pottery) line the shelves surrounding the studio walls. There are plenty of seats to accommodate the [...]

Reasons Not to Date a Graphic Designer

I recently stumbled across a silly but oh-so-true article titled, “50 Reasons Not to Date a Graphic Designer” by a bourbon for silvia. The poster is a rbst remix. While I do not think that all 50 reasons pertain to me or any one designer I know, Silvia definitely hit some right on the nail. [...]

January 27, 2011 – Demand Attention from your Target Audience

The other night I had the TV on but wasn’t really paying attention – until this commercial came on. The ad campaign for Dead Space 2 is quite possibly ingenious. Personally, I am not a big fan of video games but this commercial stopped me in my tracks and had me laughing. The ad successfully [...]

January 24, 2011 – You’ll Flip!

I like hamburgers… I love to watch Top Chef… and creative website designs makes me happy…. So I “flipped” when I discovered the website of Atlanta based restaurant, Flip Burger. Top Chef runner up, and Flip Burger creative director, Richard Blais has found a way to create delicious, untraditional/modern, hamburgers, while bold colors and playful [...]

December 14, 2010 – The Ultimate Kitty Christmas Present

I stumbled upon this site about a year ago while searching for inspiration on a class project. My mother is searching for the purrfect gift to get my cat Goober and I could not resist forwarding this site,, to her. The silly guy LOVES boxes, now we can at least get him a stylish [...]

December 7, 2010 – Letterpress Business Cards

While on Twitter one day I came across the link: 47 Letterpress Business Cards for Inspiration. I absolutely love the look of letterpress cards. While not the most economical route to take when printing, it’s a technique that takes a simple design and turns it into an elegant statement. Take a look at these cards [...]