Interview with a Typographer

While I attended school for Graphic Design I met quite a few unique characters with an array of design talents. Milton Rosado’s skills with typography always dazzled me. I was blown away to find out that not only did Milton draw his own letter forms but he vectored them to make them into digital fonts! [...]

January 24, 2011 – You’ll Flip!

I like hamburgers… I love to watch Top Chef… and creative website designs makes me happy…. So I “flipped” when I discovered the website of Atlanta based restaurant, Flip Burger. Top Chef runner up, and Flip Burger creative director, Richard Blais has found a way to create delicious, untraditional/modern, hamburgers, while bold colors and playful [...]

November 23, 2010 – Creative Typography

Stefanie came across this peaceful and beautiful hand drawn font when checking out an alphabet typography contest on Design Sponge Online the other day. And you thought you were living on the edge by using Comic Sans…

Creativity Isn’t Just for Designers

I’m very fortunate that my job is to be creative – pretty much every day. However, there are times when thinking of a new/fresh design is very challenging. The hectic pace of owning your own business, or life in general, can make an otherwise active mind lazy. So what do you do when you need [...]

As Business Owners, What Can We Learn From Lady GaGa?

Flipping through the channels this past weekend I came across the Grammy’s Red Carpet special on E! Being more interested in what the stars are wearing rather than seeing who wins the awards, I decide to watch. Most of it was the typical “Who are you wearing,” and “you look gorgeous,” yadda yadda yadda, until [...]

Two Great Web Applications to Help you Choose your Color Palette

Looking for a new color to spice up your website, logo or brochure? Tired of using primary colors for every project? If so, I’ve recently I’ve discovered two products that might be of interest. Without having access to Adobe products, you might be missing out on the numerous colors available for both print and the [...]

Want a Fresh Look? Change Your Typeface!

Don’t Call It a Comeback…. No, I’m not quoting the awesome LL Cool J song I KNOW all of you have on your iPods. I’m instead talking about the reference to a “typography comeback” in 2010. Whether or not this is actually a “comeback” isn’t the theme for this article but instead I’d like to [...]