Tip #2: Gather Content Ahead of Time and Write it Right the First Time Around

In my previous article I gave some tips on doing your homework before interviewing potential Web designers for your project. This week I’m going to touch on how to prepare content ahead of time for your website. I’m sure you’ve heard about Kings Los Angeles SEO that saying “Content is King” and it’s even more [...]

Need a Website? Read These Time Saving Tips First.

Are you looking to create a website for your company or would you like to update your existing website? In this five-part blog series we’re going to give you tips on how to make your Web site design process run smoother. Tip #1: Do your homework… This week is all about homework. Remember that word? [...]

As Business Owners, What Can We Learn From Lady GaGa?

Flipping through the channels this past weekend I came across the Grammy’s Red Carpet special on E! Being more interested in what the stars are wearing rather than seeing who wins the awards, I decide to watch. Most of it was the typical “Who are you wearing,” and “you look gorgeous,” yadda yadda yadda, until [...]

Tips for an Easy Website Analysis

We’re into the second week of the new year and while I’m sure you’ve taken down the decorations, started back on your fitness routine and created your resolutions for the upcoming year – have you taken the time to make sure your Website is up to par? Before you start making those cold calls, it’s [...]