December 6, 2010 – Are you a Super Hero?

Amanda Trojanowski, Brittany Quinlan and I were transformed into SuperHeroes at the SCOPE gallery in Miami Beach Fl. Artist

10 Things to Know about Art Basel

Its that time of year again, if you have never heard of the event called “Art Basel” listen up: Art Basel Miami Beach is a HUGE art convention, to give you the gist, “I saw more art at Art Basel in 3 days than I saw in Los Angeles in 3 years” (Matt Normand, Graphic [...]

November 29, 2010 – Art Basel Freebies

The slightly overlapped print materials cover the span of a queen size bed. All these were acquired at Art Basel 2009, if you plan to attend Art Basel 2010 in Miami make sure to bring a backpack or canvas bag to lug around all your freebies! There will be a blog article “10 Things to [...]