Dive into Splash Page Motion Graphics

We recently featured local gallery and vintage boutique, ArtPool, in the GBDB Design blog. This got me thinking about an old school assignment. I was assigned a group project that involved re-designing the website of a local business and my group of 3 students chose to redesign the ArtPool website. We chose their website because we saw an opportunity [...]

AfterEffects Animations and Motion Graphics

While I was in college studying graphic design, I was assigned the task of re-creating a tv show title sequence. Everyone in the class had to choose from 20 popular shows from the 60′s – 70′s era – many of which I had never seen. The title sequence had to be a contemporary interpretation of [...]

Information Graphics Making a Difference in the World

Oil’d from Chris Harmon on Vimeo. Chris Harmon made this insightful animation using information graphics to educate the public about the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. He focuses on the impact the oil would have made on our planet had the spill not happened. Chris does a beautiful job of pairing numerical [...]

December 9, 2010 – Movie Motion Graphics

One of my favorite animated motion graphic title sequences is from the movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. You can view the full sequence here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bpP9sI72bM. Enjoy!