Typography makes a great holiday gift

Are you looking for unique solution for your holiday gifts this year? Look no further! Susan, founder of Bevilled Edge Photography, takes photographs of everyday objects and structures that create shapes that resemble letters of the alphabet. She has put together a vast library of these photographed lettered and these images are available to view [...]

How typography influences you

Have you ever been fascinated by a street sign or a city map? Once I became a graphic designer I became so much more aware of all the typography around me. Type is one of the major visual entities that bombard us day by day. So much of it is ignored or once glanced at [...]

January 28, 2011 – Meaty Typography

While working on our client ADC’s website, I ran across this interesting logo for the 2011 Meat Conference. I recognized the typeface (Rosewood) used in this identity – however, upon further inspection I realized the detailing had been transformed into the more appropriate image of a fork! I thought, “How clever!” This has inspired me [...]