Website 101 Tips: How to Pick a Hosting Company

Now that you’ve picked your domain name, the second step before starting the design of your website is to sign up for website SEO Sydney hosting.

What is website hosting?
If a domain is your website’s “physical address”, website hosting is the online office space that you’ll rent to store your website files. Website hosts offer space on a server to provide Internet connectivity and website storage. For a fee, website hosts offer space and accompanying bandwidth that’s required for users to access your web page.

What makes a good web host? Get a hostgator coupon
Unless you are a website designer, or have experience in picking a website host, you may not know where to start. The most inexpensive provider isn’t always the best choice for your business. However, neither is the most expensive one, so, as a general rule of thumb, don’t let price dictate where you will host your files.

Here are a few things to consider:

    1. What kind of technical support will your host provide?
      One of the most important considerations is the professionalism and availability of the technical staff. Support should be readily available and response time should be reasonable. If you’re on hold for an excessive amount of time, or it takes days for someone to respond to a support ticket/request, there might be underlying problems with the product or support is understaffed. Whether it’s a local company, or a popular provider, make sure they will be available to respond within a few hours and technical support is provided free of charge. Email problems or website glitches don’t happen only during normal business hours, so make sure you get the support that you need, when you need it. Service after the sale is very important… much like when buying a new vehicle.
    2. What kind of security do they provide?
      Ideally, hosting servers should be in a remote location and the host provider should provide regular backups. So, in case of a natural disaster or power failure, there’s a backup source to keep your information safe and up and running. Your website host should also have excellent security measures in place to prevent hackers from gaining access to your site and your customer’s information.
    3. How much storage do they provide?
      Depending on the size of your website, and what you’re business is offering, your storage needs will vary. A typical website will require between 20-30MB of storage space. However, why not go ahead and purchase 100MB of space for a few more dollars? This will give plenty of space to allow your business to grow without having to upgrade your plan. If you’re hosting numerous videos, webinars, or large files/photos, more than 100MB of storage space might be needed. Before picking your web host, have a conversation with them, or your website designer, about the type of site you’d like to create so you can pick the right hosting package for your needs.
    4. Does your package come with e-mail?
      More than likely, your new hosting package should include email. Questions to ask would include: how many email aliases come with your package? Is there an extra cost to add extra email addresses? How much space is included with each email address? Does the company provide support to set up your email address with Outlook and your smart phone?
    5. Do you have to sign a contract?
      There are many companies that don’t make you sign a hosting contract. If they do, make sure you can cancel at any time, and there aren’t any fees for cancelling.  Also, it’s important to find out is what happens to your content if you do cancel your account. Always make sure you’re in complete control of your website files – with both your hosting company and website designer. Life happens, so make sure you have a backup of your files just incase. It’s much better than having to start from scratch.
    6. Cost
      Finally, have your questions answered about cost. How much will it cost you per month? Are there any set-up fees? Does the company charge monthly, quarterly, or yearly? Do they take credit card or check/money order?

It sounds like a lot to familarize youself with, but knowing the answers to these initial questions will help you save time and be better equipped to find a host that best suits your website needs.

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