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They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, good thing we're not old dogs!

GDBD Creative design specializes in innovative design services that will keep your company at the head of the pack, including:

Web Site Design
First impressions are key -- especially when it comes to business. A well-designed and eye catching Web site can make the difference between someone passing by your site or staying long enough to take a look around. Remember, on average most people spend less than 60 seconds looking at the homepage of your Web site -- make those seconds count.


Custom Facebook Design
Facebook is a universal social network increasing in popularity everyday. Using this social media avenue is a great way to engage your customers and expand your brand online. We customize our client's Facebook business pages to: attract customers to "like" your page, promote upcoming events, encourage customers to sign up for your e-newsletter, and more! Learn more.

Print Design
Even though Web sites seem to be the more popular choice for marketing a business nowadays, there may be a need for a printed component to enhance or drive people to your Web site. From logo designs to marketing brochures, postcards and ad designs -- we can provide powerful printed deliverables to meet your needs.

Writing & Proofreading
Most of us have heard the saying "Content is King," and that's even more important when it comes to developing your Web and print materials. You might have a flashy design, but if your content isn't well-written, you can bet potential clients won't stick around to learn more about your business. We offer writing and proofing services that will help you always find the write words at the right times. 

Web Site Development
User interface is the foundation of any well-designed, functional Web site. When developing your site, it's important to take your average user into consideration. Creating an image of your ideal visitors and keeping them in mind when planning your site can help save money and time. Do you need a site strictly for blogging or a brochure Web site? Is it important that you change your Web content daily or monthly? We can help you define your ideal client and decide what kind of Web site will best fit your needs. 

Internet Marketing
As the internet becomes a more powerful tool for finding information, businesses are realizing that they need to change their traditional marketing approach and build a presence for their product or service online. Besides the fact that internet marketing is available at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising tactics (TV, radio, billboards, etc.), the other benefits include extended reach, expedited time to launch campaigns, and most importantly, an ability to measure the effectiveness of all your internet marketing activities. Bring us into your marketing planning to create a strategy that will help you “get found” online.

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