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Rambunctious, playful, mischievous, charming… bad: all nametags suitable to hang off of Marshall’s collar. As the creative force behind GDBD Creative Design, Marshall always ‘digs’ into his projects with both paws. Always looking for the next squirrel or fellow K-9, his high energy frequently outlasts that of his owners. While sometimes he possesses a short attention span, he also can show freakish focus when he’s told “no”.

As a pound puppy, he had to learn how to assert himself early and eventually he led the pack. Marshall knows no strangers, only people he hasn’t licked yet. Kids were put on this earth to entertain him and playfully chase around the yard, there are no exceptions; dog law. He’s a ’tough guy’, who’s bark is definitely bigger than his bite. Often misunderstood, he’s actually a curious, gentle natured, loving friend who gives as much affection as he receives.

Marshall provides us a great deal of inspiration through his dynamic personality. We share his enthusiasm and fervor for starting new projects and ‘digging in’, but at the same time, we’re loyal to, and devoted to our longstanding companions.

Marshall has taught us to treat every client with his same excitement and loyalty and we look forward to proving it to you.


"the good dog"

"the bad dog"

Summer Taylor
Lead Dog

Stefanie Pilcher

Kim Patterson
Graphic Design/Branding

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Zekeshem Parsons
Photography Services