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At GDBD Creative Design we work like dogs but we can't do everything! Our skill in design is enhanced by the integration of marketing and copywriting talent. These strategic partnerships allow us to provide a complete range of innovative solutions for all your creative and marketing needs. To learn more about our partners, continue reading below.

Kim Patterson, President, Moonstruck Marketing

With over twelve years experience in the design and print advertising world, Kim earned her bachelor's in Graphic Design from Colorado State University. Kim is known for her visionary branding, creative print designs and commitment to developing client relationships and spent several years across diverse creative environments. These included local newspapers, small to medium-sized print companies, photography studios and a large franchise-based corporate office, where she attained the role of art director. She set out on her own to launch the brand communications consulting and visual design firm, Moonstruck Marketing Group, Inc. where she works alongside such customers as American Heart Association, All Children's Hospital and The American Association of Physician Specialists.

Kim is an active member for the Rotary Club of Clearwater at Feather Sound, where she also sits on its board of directors, and is a frequent volunteer for local charities and other non-profit organizations in the Tampa Bay area. Visit for more information.

Liz Bollinger, President, KIS Corp.
Being raised on a strict diet of books certainly has its benefits. A childhood reading regimen requiring the completion of at least three books a week transformed a young bookworm into a master wordsmith. And, though she may never have written a book in her life, Liz Bollinger is still an accomplished author with a considerable body of work.

Her copy writing slogans from Things Remembered, Pizza Hut and Checkers/Rally’s are eye-catching, creative and serve as a great complement to graphics and photos. Her work isn’t just easy on the eyes; it’s great on the ears, too. Bollinger’s TV news scripts have been broadcast throughout the streets of Cleveland, the farms of Toledo, Ohio and the mountains of Oak Hill, W. Va.

A woman who grew up feasting on books must, of course, write for the stomach, so Bollinger created restaurant write-ups for coupon books like the Entertainment Dining Club and the Our Town and All-Around and Presentations Dining Directories.

Though her excessive reading made her into a great writer, too much of anything will, inevitably, cause some problems. Bollinger’s biggest challenge is that she can’t read anything without a red pen in hand, scanning for errors that may have been overlooked upon first glance.

The upside is that her work is always clean of mistakes. The downside is that her fingers are usually dirty from red ink. Despite those red fingers, Bollinger continues to be coveted by employers large and small, public and private for her ability to always find the write words at the right times.
Visit for more information.

Zekeshem Parsons, President, Blue Lane Photography
Zekeshem is one of the rare Florida natives, and has lived in Tampa her entire life. While her love of travel has taken her across and out of the country, she will always be a Tampa girl at heart, and is happy to call it home.

Zekeshem always knew she had to do something creative for a living... figuring out what that thing was has led her on quite a journey! Interests and pursuits throughout her life included drawing, painting, photography, video editing, theatre (both onstage and backstage), writing, and anything to do with horses. (Well that last one pretty much faded away after the single-digit years, but prior to that she was certain she would own a horse farm one day!) On her sixteenth birthday, Zekeshem's mother gave her an old 35mm Minolta film camera. Using her younger sister as her main practice subject and model over the next several years resulted in two things: her sister is the most patient model on the planet, and Zekeshem discovered a true love and talent for the art of photography.

After high school, Zekeshem attained a degree in commercial art and then went to work at Bay News 9 for the next eight years. She took a two year leave from the station to concentrate on a Theatre Arts degree, searching for that one creative thing that would be more than just a job in life, but a fulfilling career. Unfortunately, there aren't many jobs in theatre that pay very well! Back working at the TV station, Zekeshem knew there was something bigger awaiting her and struggled to put a finger on it. While many people throughout the years had asked her why she didn't start her own photography business, her answer had always been, "I can't." Thankfully, with enough support and encouragement from family and friends, and with much prayer and consideration, Zekeshem grew the courage to stop saying, "I can't," and step out on a leap of faith with the words, "I'll try!" And in October of 2007, Blue Lane Photography became an official business.

Zekeshem has been completely self-employed since March of 2008, and couldn't be happier. The struggles and heartaches have been outnumbered and outshone by the triumphs and rewards along the way. Shooting mainly weddings and portraits, Zekeshem feels blessed to be able to call many of her clients friends now...and that's her biggest reward!

While balancing work with a personal life can be difficult, when she has time Zekeshem enjoys hiking on the Appalachian trail, reading, visiting new countries, swing dancing, lying in hammocks, spending obscene amounts of time wandering around craft stores, trying to get into running (again), and laughing with friends over coffee or good food. Her main goal is just to enjoy life to the fullest and make the most of each moment! Her favorite quote: "It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end." Ursula K. LeGuin. Visit for more information.


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