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A noble guardian who watches over us with great pride, Raley stands tall and alertly ready. As a German Shepherd Dog, Raley is a fierce worker who’s meticulous and detail oriented. Her ears stand as tall as her pride and her determination, and that’s pretty tall. Those ears allow her to hear what’s going on around her and allows her to be better prepared to meet changing environments.

Her job is simple: find the ball and bring it back to whomever will throw it again. This is what’s most important in her life; her job, her mission. If the ball goes missing, she will pace back and forth until a new one is manifested or she locates the missing friend. After the ball is retrieved, she’ll prance back to you, majestically, so that you can hold up your end of the bargain. She possesses lightning quick speed and reflexes while also maintaining delicate poise and precise timing, a beauty to behold. When the work is done, she’ll lay down next to you, placing herself strategically between you and the door so that she can protect you from any harm. She does this without being trained to, it’s her natural instinct to protect her loved ones.

The ying to Marshall’s yang, Raley never requires discipline and needs very little guidance. She does right naturally. She’s the “Good Dog” in our namesake that provides us with the inspiration to do right by our clients. We’ll be by your side, watching over your project and when you throw us a “challenge”, we’ll bring it back just the way you like it, and anxiously await our next venture together.

Raley teaches us daily to be elegant and graceful while also being quick, determined and
protective of our clients.

"the good dog"

"the bad dog"

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Lead Dog

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Graphic Design/Branding

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